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Nothing Sketchy About SketchUp

As we start to get more and more questions about our #SketchUp Conversion Service, thought it was about time we explained in a little more detail for all you #SketchUp Users looking for CGI High Definition Renders of your models. We can take your finished model (just email us your .skp file and materials list) and we convert your file into our rendering software where we are able to add some decorative accessories (for room plans), lighting, textures and any finishing touches for us to produce photo-realistic renders of your projects. We take our time with it to ensure you get the best possible visuals. Its a great service for users who like to model their rooms in SketchUp but don't have access to good rendering software.

Want to give it a spin? Just email us a current or old model and we can confirm that it converts into our system and you'll be good to go as and when you need us.

For more info connect with us on social or email -

In this example we've coupled together a sketch model on the left and the finished 3d render on the right - it really is an amazing transformation and gives your clients the opportunity to see what the finished project will look like. We have also included full size renders showing open and closed door features.

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